explicit basic_result(in_place_type_t<error_type_if_enabled>, std::initializer_list<U>, Args ...)

Explicit inplace error constructor. Calls void on_result_in_place_construction(T *, in_place_type_t<U>, Args &&...) noexcept with this, in_place_type<error_type>, std::initializer_list<U> and Args ....

Requires: predicate::enable_inplace_error_constructor<std::initializer_list<U>, Args ...> is true.

Complexity: Same as for the error_type constructor which accepts std::initializer_list<U>, Args .... Constexpr, triviality and noexcept of underlying operations is propagated.

Guarantees: If an exception is thrown during the operation, the state of the Args is left indeterminate.