AFIO  v2.00 late alpha
afio_v2_xxx::statfs_t::f_flags_t Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint32_t rdonly: 1
 Filing system is read only (Windows, POSIX)
uint32_t noexec: 1
 Filing system cannot execute programs (POSIX)
uint32_t nosuid: 1
 Filing system cannot superuser (POSIX)
uint32_t acls: 1
 Filing system provides ACLs (Windows, POSIX)
uint32_t xattr: 1
 Filing system provides extended attributes (Windows, POSIX)
uint32_t compression: 1
 Filing system provides whole volume compression (Windows, POSIX)
uint32_t extents: 1
 Filing system provides extent based file storage (sparse files) (Windows, POSIX)
uint32_t filecompression: 1
 Filing system provides per-file selectable compression (Windows)

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