AFIO  v2.00 late alpha
afio_v2_xxx::algorithm::shared_fs_mutex::shared_fs_mutex::entity_type Struct Reference

The type of an entity id. More...

#include "base.hpp"

Public Types

using value_type = handle::extent_type
 The type backing the value.

Public Member Functions

constexpr entity_type () noexcept
 Default constructor.
constexpr entity_type (value_type _value, bool _exclusive) noexcept

Public Attributes

union {
   value_type   _init
   struct {
      value_type   value: 63
 The value of the entity type which can range between 0 and (2^63)-1.
      value_type   exclusive: 1
 True if entity should be locked for exclusive access.

Detailed Description

The type of an entity id.

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