AFIO  v2.00 late alpha
path_handle.hpp File Reference

Provides a handle to a filesystem location. More...

#include "handle.hpp"
#include "path_view.hpp"


class  afio_v2_xxx::path_handle
 A handle to somewhere originally identified by a path on the filing system. Typically used as the lightest weight handle to some location on the filing system which may unpredictably relocate over time. This handle is thus an anchor to a subset island of the filing system, free of any race conditions introduced by third party changes to any part of the path leading to that island. More...
struct  afio_v2_xxx::construct< path_handle >
 Constructor for path_handle More...


 The AFIO namespace.


result< path_handle > afio_v2_xxx::path (const path_handle &base, path_handle::path_view_type _path) noexcept
result< path_handle > afio_v2_xxx::path (path_handle::path_view_type _path) noexcept

Detailed Description

Provides a handle to a filesystem location.