AFIO  v2.00 late alpha
map_handle.hpp File Reference

Provides map_handle More...

#include "file_handle.hpp"


class  afio_v2_xxx::section_handle
 A handle to a source of mapped memory. More...
struct  afio_v2_xxx::section_handle::flag_base
 The behaviour of the memory section. More...
struct  afio_v2_xxx::construct< section_handle >
 Constructor for section_handle More...
class  afio_v2_xxx::map_handle
 A handle to a memory mapped region of memory. More...
struct  afio_v2_xxx::construct< map_handle >
 Constructor for map_handle More...


 The AFIO namespace.


std::ostream & afio_v2_xxx::operator<< (std::ostream &s, const handle::flag &v)
void afio_v2_xxx::swap (section_handle &self, section_handle &o) noexcept
 Swap with another instance.
result< section_handle::extent_type > afio_v2_xxx::length (const section_handle &self) noexcept
 Return the current maximum permitted extent of the memory section.
result< section_handle::extent_type > afio_v2_xxx::truncate (section_handle &self, section_handle::extent_type newsize=0) noexcept
void afio_v2_xxx::swap (map_handle &self, map_handle &o) noexcept
 Swap with another instance.
result< void > afio_v2_xxx::close (map_handle &self) noexcept
 Unmap the mapped view.
map_handle::io_result< map_handle::const_buffers_type > afio_v2_xxx::barrier (map_handle &self, map_handle::io_request< map_handle::const_buffers_type > reqs=map_handle::io_request< map_handle::const_buffers_type >(), bool wait_for_device=false, bool and_metadata=false, deadline d=deadline()) noexcept
result< map_handle > afio_v2_xxx::map (map_handle::size_type bytes, section_handle::flag _flag=section_handle::flag::readwrite) noexcept
result< map_handle > afio_v2_xxx::map (section_handle &section, map_handle::size_type bytes=0, map_handle::extent_type offset=0, section_handle::flag _flag=section_handle::flag::readwrite) noexcept
map_handle::size_type afio_v2_xxx::length (const map_handle &self) noexcept
 The size of the memory map.
map_handle::io_result< map_handle::buffers_type > afio_v2_xxx::read (map_handle &self, map_handle::io_request< map_handle::buffers_type > reqs, deadline d=deadline()) noexcept
 Read data from the mapped view. More...
map_handle::io_result< map_handle::const_buffers_type > afio_v2_xxx::write (map_handle &self, map_handle::io_request< map_handle::const_buffers_type > reqs, deadline d=deadline()) noexcept
 Write data to the mapped view. More...

Detailed Description

Provides map_handle