AFIO  v2.00 late alpha
v2.0 Directory Reference



file  afio.hpp
 The master versioned AFIO include file. All version specific AFIO consuming libraries should include this header only.
file  async_file_handle.hpp
 Provides async_file_handle.
file  config.hpp
 Configures a compiler environment for AFIO header and source code.
file  deadline.h
 Provides struct deadline.
file  directory_handle.hpp
 Provides a handle to a directory.
file  file_handle.hpp
 Provides file_handle.
file  fs_handle.hpp
 Provides fs_handle.
file  handle.hpp
 Provides handle.
file  io_handle.hpp
 Provides i/o handle.
file  io_service.hpp
 Provides io_service.
file  map_handle.hpp
 Provides map_handle
file  mapped_file_handle.hpp
 Provides mapped_file_handle.
file  native_handle_type.hpp
 Provides native_handle_type.
file  path_discovery.hpp
 Provides path_discovery
file  path_handle.hpp
 Provides a handle to a filesystem location.
file  path_view.hpp
 Provides view of a path.
file  stat.hpp
 Provides stat.
file  statfs.hpp
 Provides statfs.
file  storage_profile.hpp
 Provides storage_profile.
file  utils.hpp
 Provides namespace utils.