AFIO  v2.00 late alpha
afio_v2_xxx::algorithm::impl::trivial_vector_iterator< T > Class Template Reference

Public Types

using value_type = T
 Value type.
using pointer = value_type *
 Pointer type.
using const_pointer = typename std::pointer_traits< pointer >::template rebind< const value_type >
 Const pointer type.
using difference_type = typename std::pointer_traits< pointer >::difference_type
 Difference type.
using size_type = typename std::make_unsigned< difference_type >::type
 Size type.
using reference = value_type &
 Reference type.
using const_reference = const value_type &
 Const reference type.

Public Member Functions

trivial_vector_iteratoroperator+= (size_type n)
 Increment the iterator.
trivial_vector_iteratoroperator-= (size_type n)
 Decrement the iterator.
difference_type operator- (const trivial_vector_iterator &o) const
 Difference between iterators.
reference operator[] (size_type n)
 Index iterator.
const_reference operator[] (size_type n) const
 Index iterator.
bool operator< (const trivial_vector_iterator &o) const
bool operator<= (const trivial_vector_iterator &o) const
bool operator> (const trivial_vector_iterator &o) const
bool operator>= (const trivial_vector_iterator &o) const
trivial_vector_iteratoroperator-- ()
const trivial_vector_iterator operator-- (int)
trivial_vector_iteratoroperator++ ()
const trivial_vector_iterator operator++ (int)
bool operator== (const trivial_vector_iterator &o) const
bool operator!= (const trivial_vector_iterator &o) const
reference operator* ()
const_reference operator* () const
pointer operator-> ()
const_pointer operator-> () const


template<bool has_default_construction, class _T >
struct trivial_vector_impl

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