Calling it from C

Now let us call our result returning C++ function from C:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>  // for strerror
// This header in Outcome is pure C, it provides a suite of C helper macros
#include "../../../include/outcome/result.h"

// Declare our C++ function's returning result type. Only needs to be done once.
CXX_DECLARE_RESULT_EC(size_t, size_t);

// Tell C about our C++ function
extern CXX_RESULT_EC(size_t) to_string(char *buffer, size_t bufferlen, int v);

void print(int v)
  char buffer[4];
  CXX_RESULT_EC(size_t) res;

  res = to_string(buffer, sizeof(buffer), v);
    printf("to_string(%d) fills buffer with '%s' of %zu characters\n", v, buffer, res.value);
  // Is the error returned in the std::generic_category domain and thus an errno?
    // If you get a weird compile error here, note that CXX_RESULT_ERROR()
    // uses C11 generics, you need a C11 compiler for it to work. If you don't
    // have a C11 compiler, res.error or res.error.code can be used directly.
    fprintf(stderr, "to_string(%d) failed with error code %d (%s)\n", v, CXX_RESULT_ERROR(res), strerror(CXX_RESULT_ERROR(res)));
  fprintf(stderr, "to_string(%d) failed with unknown error code %d\n", v, CXX_RESULT_ERROR(res));

int main(void)
  return 0;
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Running this C program yields:

to_string(9) fills buffer with '9' of 1 characters
to_string(99) fills buffer with '99' of 2 characters
to_string(999) fills buffer with '999' of 3 characters
to_string(9999) failed with error code 105 (No buffer space available)